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Your sound card and you

(I don't want to sound like a 1950's gym class hygiene lesson, so for lack of a better title, this is how to configure your soundblaster card on the autoexec.bat). For brevity, Soundblaster will be abbreviated as SB throughout this document.

The first step to getting your sound card set up is to open your autoexec.bat with a text editor. You should see something like "SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6" (without the quotation marks)

If you don't see this line, let's discuss how to set this up. Programs look at the BLASTER environment variable to figure out where to send the sound output.

Even if you don't have a SoundBlaster card, this is used for configuration purposes as follows:

Specifications on the parameters

SET is a DOS command

BLASTER is an environment variable

Typically A, I, D, P, and T are required. The H parameter is sometimes used by SB clones, and the E parameter is typically for AWE 32 cards, but should partially function without them.

A220 is a port address
The port address is almost always 220 unless you have switched it away or have other port conflicts.

I5 is the interrupt
The interrupt is often dependent on your system. Games like Quake often won't accept an interrupt higher than 9. Modern bioses allow changing of interrupts.

D1 is the DMA channel
1 is the default for the DMA channel. If this is set incorrectly, it may cause the system to lock up.

T3 is the type of card
1 Sound Blaster version 1.0 or 1.5 and compatibles, or several emulating cards
2 Sound Blaster Pro or Pro Compatibles with the SPC-2 chip
3 Sound Blaster version 2.0 or compatibles
4 Sound Blaster Pro or Pro Compatibles with the SPC-3 chip.
5 Sound Blaster 16
6 Sound Blaster 16 ASP

If using a game front end or MAME, be sure to use the command switch "-soundcard 1", specifying the type of card by number(without quotes).

P330 is the MIDI port
330 is the default. If there are conflicts, or using an older card, it might default to 240.

H5 is the "High" DMA channel
This is typically used in SB16 cards. This is for playing 16-bit sounds. The default is 5 unless your documentation says otherwise.

E620 is an AWE 32 parameter
This is for Creative Labs AWE32 cards. It is usually set up automatically when you install the drivers.

If you change the autoexec.bat parameters, be sure to delete your program's configuration file (.cfg) and reboot.

If it hits the proverbial fan . . .

First try to find the file CTCM.EXE. Place this as the first line on your autoexec.bat This utility allows you to change the values in your autoexec.bat.

The second utility to check out is SBTEST.EXE. This will tell you the values that can be used on your autoexec.bat.

If all else fails, check the documentation for other drivers you might need to include on the autoexec.bat, like SBEINIT.COM.

You can get SB sound drivers and more information at Easy MAME Cab HERE

Disclaimer: This is only a general guide and may differ depending on jumper settings on the sound card, whether your sound card "emulates" a SoundBlaster card, and other variables that would be discussed in the documentation of the card. Anything in the product documentation would supercede anything said here.
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