We're all lookin for life worth livin' (hunter_s_gonzo) wrote in dos_users_club,
We're all lookin for life worth livin'

Some links

A list of (downloadable) DOOM total conversions
This is a comprehensive list of the best total conversions for DOOM. The only one I think they are missing is the Alien TC. I know the link says they are for GP32, but they work on any system.

Classic DOOM in DOOM 3
Those crazy modders recreated DOOM 1 for the DOOM 3 engine. All you need is the demo and a high end computer to play this.

Large disc support for Windows 98 for more than 137 GB
This is an odd find. Now there is a patch for Win98 that allows large disk support up to 2 TB. Your motherboard bios must support large discs for this to work.

This program allows read and write access to NTFS partitions in a DOS environment. This is a wonderful tool for system recovery. This is from the same guy who exposed the Sony audio CD rootkit.
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