We're all lookin for life worth livin' (hunter_s_gonzo) wrote in dos_users_club,
We're all lookin for life worth livin'

Swapping out your DOS?

I have heard of folks "Swapping out their DOS" for better performance.

1) What GUI were you using? SEAL? DOSShell? Win 3.1? Win 95?
2) What flavor of DOS did you change it to?
3) How were the results?

In other news, FreeDOS can run Windows 3.1 with only sporadic crashes. They are making leaps and bounds as far as compatiblity. I had an old junk motherboard I was able to flash the bios on using FreeDOS. I am impressed by their work.

One more thing, if I use a front end like SEAL over DOS 7, is it still pure DOS?
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